Yoal Gatkouth is a holder of bachelor of Art in Psychology. He possess passion on volunteerism fields over the years of being an active member of the society through extracurricular engagements in the areas of community empowerment via awareness creation on sexual reproductive and health rights. He is currently a youth advocate at Talent Youth Association (TaYA) where he focus on young people’s agendas as youth policy implementation, leadership, meaningful youth participation and creation of safe space for Ethiopian future generations. Besides, he is a volunteer of Rotary Club in the capacity of substructure assistance on public relations and international service committee where they thrive for professionalism provision, community leader’s empowerment and opportunity for serving others in order to benefit the community and to promote high ethical standards among the youth across Ethiopia. His personal character traits are enthusiasm, optimism, risk taker and always flexible with the magnetite of different tasks. He always thrive to be exceptional in the field of sustainable youth development through quality education which is vital for country economic growth.