Mered Tewodros Abay is the founder of Rotaract Club named “Abocher”, a nonprofit organization that is basically involved in charity activities and promotes the livelihood of children and women. He is also a senior member of the youth organization AIESEC representing his country Ethiopia by performing volunteer activities that brought the young generation under one platform to make a change in society. He implemented and prepared different projects that create a lasting impact on the community and on his country as well. He is also an active member of YALI Alumni and earned different certificates in diverse topics. He recently joined the largest Gold Mining Company/ MIDROC Gold Plc as a young motivated Mining Engineer. Mered holds a BA in Management from Unity University 2012, a B.Sc. in Mining Engineering at the same institution, 2016. He is positive-minded, a hard worker, proudly an African, and always strives for change. He strongly believes in the pan-Africanism spirit and he has phrases in mind “…If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together- I am African…”